Using the heart ball bearings

Publish Time:2016.08.05

To the heart ball bearing is a kind of general design, can  bear in the movement of the different sizes of the load.One of the standard to the heart ball bearing in a deep groove structure, can bear coming from any upward radial load and smaller axial load. With the maximum load capacity centripetal ball bearing main radial load.This type of rolling bearing in a variety of sizes are available. Different seal configuration can protect the rolling bearing internal components, and can a lien lubricating grease.To the heart ball bearings are widely used in common industrial, the automobile industry, agriculture, industry and household appliances industry.

Technology of normal to the heart ball bearings, them, and outer ring groove should be no spalling and serious grinding mark, and with the light of a circular groove; All the ball should keep circle, the surface does not have spots, cracks and spalling; Maintains a loose, not broken, did not wear out.When using a handheld inner circle, the other hand quickly jog outside rotates, the requirements smooth rotation, only hear the ball rolling in the driveway.No vibration; Stops should be gradually slow, stop without any setback.Normal to heart ball bearings, between them, and between roller clearance for 0.005 0.010 mm, when the radial shaking inside and outside lap, should feel no clearance.Used bearing, can by hand with inner ring along the axial shaking a few times, when outer ring and ball have obvious when sound, it shows the gap with more than 0.03 mm, should not continue to use.

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