Bearing seal type

Publish Time:2016.12.12

In order to make the bearing keep good lubrication conditions and normal work environment, give full play to the functions of bearing, prolong service life, to the rolling bearing must have appropriate seal to prevent leakage and dust, lubricant moisture or other dirt invading.

Bearing seal can be divided into bringing seal and plus two kinds of seal. The bearing is to bring their own seal bearing itself into a manufacturing sealing performance of the device. Such as bearing with dust cover, seals, etc. This seal take up the small space, easy to install and disassemble and cost less.The bearing and sealing performance device, is installed in the cover and so on internal manufacturing various performance into a seal of the device.

And the choice of the seal of the bearing should consider the following several kinds of main factors:

1. Bearing lubricant and species (grease and lubricant);

2. Bearing working environment, take up the size space 

3. Axis of supporting structure advantages, allow Angle deviation; 

4. The circumference of the seal surface speed;

5. Bearing temperature;

6. The manufacturing cost.

sealing performance device divided into non-contact and contact two kinds

According to the bearing working condition and working environment to seal the degree requirements, in the engineering design is often the comprehensive use of various sealing form, in order to achieve better sealing effectiveness.

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