The Damage Performance of Spherical Roller Bearings

Publish Time:2017.01.12

In this article , we will introduce you some damage performance of the roller bearings. 

1.The scar on the bearing race, for this kinds of damage , normally because of the lake of lubricant or the impurities get into the bearing or bearing installation error. 

2.Cavitation. When the lubricating oil was in the low pressure zone of oil film, bubbles will formed in oil, once the bubbles moves to the high pressure zone, it will collapse, then produces a great impact and a high temperature . If things continue this way, a small crater will appeared on the solid surface , then develops into a spongy scar. 

3.Fluid erosion. The fluid erosion of the spherical roller bearings means fluid strongly impacting the solid surface , the caused pitting corrosion, this kind of damage has a smooth surface. 

4.Electroerosion. Due to the electric leakage of the motor or electric appliance, friction on the surface will caused electric spark , then damage the bearing. 

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