Brief Knowledge of Insulation Bearings

Publish Time:2017.06.19

How many types of electric insulation bearings?

There are many insulation bearing types, insulated angular contact ball bearings, deep groove ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearing, insulation of the angular contact ball bearing is designed based on a hybrid ceramic ball bearing; the insulation deep groove ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearing is a designed by use an outer or inner ring with a coating.

Do the retainers in insulation bearings require insulation?

Determined by the type of bearing, ceramic angular contact ball bearing uses the resin retainer, main is to reduce the abrasion of roller to a minimum, and the insulating layer of deep groove ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearing are on the inner ring or outer ring.

In which positions will the insulation bearing be used?

Such as generator, electric motor, and the transmission of wind power transmission are the main applications of insulation bearings.

Repair or replacement after the bearing is damaged?

Depending on the cost, because the cost of fixing a set of insulation bearings is high, sometimes even more than replace one new set.

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