The Load of Bearings

Publish Time:2017.08.22

   The load of bearings can be divided into static load and dynamic load .

   The bearing static load including constant load that doesn’t change with time and quasi-static load , it’s too slow , so that the force of inertia can be omitted.

   The bearing dynamic load including short - time quick impact load ( for example: air hammer), periodic changed cyclic loading( for example: the air compressor crankshaft and aperiodic changed random load.

   “Cr” is dynamic load rating , means the maximum load capacity under rotation . “Co” is static load ratings , means the load capacity that doesn't rotate , both of them are measured in radial load , the unit is KN.

   The basic dynamic load rating is used to calculate the bearing under dynamic stress , namely, a rotating bearing under load condition. The numeric indicate that: according to ISO 281:1900 standard, provide a bearing load of 1 million RPM. Supposing he load magnitude and direction is invariant , for radial bearings, it is radial load , for thrust bearing, it is the axial load acting on the center.

   Axial load : the load along the axis.

   Radial load : the load that are perpendicular to the axis.

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