Quality requirements for bearing appearance.

Publish Time:2018.04.27

1. Bearing parts are not allowed to have cracks, sharp edges, burrs and rust;The raceway is not allowed to have the trace of the process;The superfine lines of the inner and outer ring and steel ball face should be uniform, and no abrasions and bruises are allowed.

2, the bearing parts with surface grinding grain should be rules are the same, there is no swirl marks, marks, Yin and Yang face and grinding marks, are not allowed to appear and obvious trace measuring bearing seal, are not allowed to have knocked wounded and obvious color difference.

3. No oxide coating is allowed on the part surface.Ring chamfering, inner diameter and inner diameter are required to be brightened.

4. When the bearing ring parts are pickling, the working surface should not be burned, and the surface should not be damaged without acid cleaning, and the hardness test should not be affected.

5. Assembly chamfering. 

A. Assembly chamfering size and chamfering shape shall conform to the requirements of our product drawings. 

B. The chamfer surface is not corroded and bruised.

6. Steel ball

Steel ball appearance quality standards shall comply with JB/T10861 standard requirements.

7. Cage

The surface should be flat, smooth, without burr, bruise, no rust and obvious color difference. It is not allowed to have the appearance defects such as compression, contusion, deformation and sand eye.

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