Knowledge about the Installation of Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Publish Time:2018.05.03

Wuxi Spark Bearing Co.,Ltd would like to teach you some knowledge about the installation of angular contact ball bearings, hope to bring you some help to learn more about bearings.

The installation of angular contact ball bearings is more complex than deep groove ball bearings. Most of them are pair mounted and require pre load. With good installation, the working accuracy and bearing life of the main engine can be greatly improved. Otherwise, the accuracy will not reach the requirement and the life span will be affected.

Angular contact ball bearings are installed in three ways: back to back, face to face and series connection. When the back to back (the wide end face of the two bearings is relative) is installed, the contact angle line of the bearing spreads along the axis of rotation, which can increase its radial and axial bearing angle rigidity and the maximum resistance to deformation. When the face (two bearings are narrow face) is installed, the contact angle of the bearing is converging toward the axis of rotation and its ground angle. The degree of rigidity is smaller. As the inner ring of the bearing extends out of the outer ring, when the outer ring of the two bearing is pressed together, the original clearance of the outer ring is eliminated and the preload of the bearing can be increased. When the series arrangement (the wide end face of the two bearing is in one direction), the contact angle line of the bearing is parallel, which enables the two bearing to share the working load in the same direction. . However, in order to ensure the axial stability of the installation, two pairs of bearings arranged in series must be installed at opposite ends of the shaft.

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