The difference between rolling bearings and sliding bearings

Publish Time:2019.03.27

Rolling bearings are bearings that work under rolling friction.The rolling bearing is easy to use and maintain, reliable in operation, good in starting performance and high in carrying capacity at medium speed.

Compared with the sliding bearing, the radial dimension of the rolling bearing is large, the damping capacity is poor, the life at low speed is low, and the sound is loud.

The radial bearings (mainly subjected to radial forces) in rolling bearings are usually composed of inner ring, outer ring, rolling elements and rolling element cages.

The inner ring is tightly fitted over the journal and rotates with the shaft, and the outer ring is mounted in the bearing housing bore.

A raceway is formed on the outer circumference of the inner ring and the inner circumference of the outer ring.

When the inner and outer rings are relatively rotated, the rolling elements roll on the raceways of the inner and outer rings, which are separated by the cage to avoid mutual friction.

The thrust bearing is divided into two parts: a tight ring and a live ring. The tight ring and the sleeve are tight, and the ring is supported on the bearing housing.

The ferrule and the rolling element are usually made of rolling bearing steel with high strength and good wear resistance. The surface hardness after quenching should reach HRC60~65.

The cage is made of soft steel stamping, and can also be made of copper alloy cloth bakelite or plastic.

Advantages of rolling bearings:

1.Under normal conditions, the efficiency of rolling bearings is comparable to that of hydrodynamically lubricated bearings, but higher than that of hybrid lubricated bearings;

2.The radial clearance is relatively small, and the radial angular contact bearing can be used to eliminate the play by the pre-tightening force, and the running precision is high;

3.For the shaft diameter of the same size, the width of the rolling bearing is smaller than that of the sliding bearing, which makes the axial structure of the machine compact;

4.Most rolling bearings are capable of simultaneous radial and axial loads, so the bearing combination is simple;

5.Less lubricant consumption, easy to seal and easy to maintain;

6.High standardization, batch production, and low cost.

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