The structure&characteristics of roller bearings

Publish Time:2019.03.29

The structure of rolling bearing

1. The outer ring ——installed in the hole of the bearing housing and generally it does not rotate.

2. The inner ring —— mounted on the journal, rotating with the shaft.

3. The rolling elements ——the core components of rolling bearings.

4. The cage —— evenly separate the rolling elements to avoid friction.

The characteristics of rolling bearing


Bearing special equipment is used in the processing of bearing parts.

For example, steel ball processing uses grinding machines, grinding machines and other equipment. 

The specialization features are also reflected in the production of roller bearing parts, such as steel ball companies specializing in the production of steel balls, 

and miniature bearing factories specializing in the production of miniature bearings.

2. Advanced

Due to the large-scale requirements of roller bearing production, it is possible to use advanced machine tools, tooling and processes.

Such as CNC machine tools, three-jaw floating chucks and protective atmosphere heat treatment.

3. Automation

The specialization of roller bearing production provides conditions for its production automation.

A large number of fully automatic, semi-automatic dedicated and non-dedicated machine tools are used in production, and the production automatic line is gradually promoted and applied.

Such as heat treatment automatic line and assembly automatic line.

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