WSBC Invested advanced equipments to R&D BS2 and E type spherical roller bearings

Publish Time:2010.02.28

In Febuary ,2010,To further support the demanding requirements of our customers ,we invested a lot in advanced CNC equipments and the complete set of precision inspection devices to produce BS2 sealed and E type spherical roller bearings .
BS2 type bearing code such as BS2-2208-2CS,BS2-2210-2CSK,BS2-2311-2CS,BS2-2213-2CS,BS2-2215-2CS,BS2-2218-2CS,BS2-2224-2CSK, we can change BS2 type bearing seals and structure and Lubricant filling to Customization production.
E type Spherical roller bearings code like 22208 EK ,21309 EK,22210 E,22211 E,22212 EK,22214 EK,22315 EK,22316 EK,21318 EK .

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