What is Tapered Roller Bearings ?

Publish Time:2010.10.05

Tapered roller bearings are mainly used to bear radial load mianly radial and axial joint load , the general should not alone bear the load bearing .This kind of bearing does not allow a tilt axis relative shell hole , the size of the axial clearance , the relationship between type bearings can work great. Axial clearance is too small , the higher temperature;axial clearance is large , bearing easily damaged;require special attention during installation to adjust the bearing axial clearance, if necessary, and preloaded mounting can be to increase the bearing rigid . This kind of bearing can be mounted on the inner ring (with the whole group of roller and cage ) and the outer ring . With assembly and disassembly, adjustable clearance and so on . Tapered roller bearings are widely used in automotive,mill,mine,metallurgy ,plastics and machinery. Our WSBC Tapered roller bearings with high quality and comptitive price , 30302 , 32305 , 32207 , 33208 , 33212 , 32013X , 32914 , 33214. Welcome contact us freely .

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